The following instructions will help you add a link to this site on your smart phones homescreen.

For iPhone

  1. First, browse to the site that you wish to bookmark.
  2. Now hit the Share button: it's the icon in the middle at the bottom of the page. It represents a page with an arrow coming out of it (as shown below).
  3. You'll see nine icons, three rows of three. The middle icon in the middle row will be the icon of the site you are on. Underneath is the message 'Add to Home Screen'. Hit this icon.
  4. This takes you to the Add to Home page. You'll see the sites icon and text field which will be the name of the icon once it's on your home screen. You can edit this as you like then press the add button in the top right corner of the screen.

To move the icon:

  1. Press down on the icon and hold until you see the icons begin to shake, then release.
  2. Tap and hold the icon you wish to move then drag it to it's new position. If you want to move it between home screens then simply drag the icon to the right or left edge of your screen.
  3. When your happy, release the icon and then press the home button at the bottom of your phone to exit the icon management mode.

For Andriod

  1. Open the browser and navigate to the page you'd like to bookmark.
  2. Press the Menu button and select Bookmarks.
  3. Select the top left thumbnail labeled Add.
  4. You can customize the name of the bookmark if you like, before pressing OK to add it.
  5. Press and hold on the Bookmark you just created, and select Add shortcut to Home. This will put a shortcut icon on the current Home screen that allows one-touch access to the page.

To move the icon:

  1. Press and hold on the icon and don't let go. You will see the icon grow and your phone will shake.
  2. Still holding the icon, you can now drag and move it to a blank space.
  3. If you want to move the icon to another screen, simply drag it to the edge of your screen and the screen will scroll to the next home screen.
  4. Release your finger from the phone when you are happy, if there is room for the icon it will stay where you placed it